Friday, September 11, 2009

Adiwira + Friday (Prayer) Blues

Adiwira was originally a short story. I'm currently developing this concept for a one shot comic or a 5 story arc. We'll see what happens to it in the near future.

Today marks the 2nd week of work at my new office in the heart of the Lion city. Adapting to the new surrounding includes finding a nearby mosque for Friday prayer. With the help of I located a mosque at the UOB towers / Raffles Place MRT.

Upon reaching there I couldn't find any building that resembled a mosque, let alone one that has a dome. Puzzled, I scouted around - it was already 10 minutes past 1 and I still haven't heard the call for prayer. Eventually I tailed people "who look like they're going to the mosque" and to my surprise, I was at a small staircase entrance leading to an underground basement: The mosque is underground!! How cool is that?!!

But that fleeting feeling sank soon after the sermons began, when I saw people squeezing their way in as if it was a hidden refuge... An underground mosque huh?
Before long, flashes of news on the image of Islam to the world today gushes in :(

I just felt sad on my way back to the office.

Peace be upon you.