Sunday, September 18, 2011

MASiF 2011: Fusion of Passion

Fusion of Passion is currently showing at Galeri Petronas until the 25th in conjunction of MASiF 2011.

I have 2 artworks selected for the showcase:
The Amazing Race (above) and PURBAPURA (left). Do swing by if you happen to be at KLCC!

Also exhibiting are the works of fellow illustrators Beatrice Tan (a.k.a Kidchan), Carlyn Lim, Hwei Lim, Rosh, and Sari Nasir.

Friday, September 2, 2011

MHP3rd Armour Combo

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd fan art.
My current armour combo:
Silver Sol Helm
Doboru Mail S
Golden Moon Braces
Vangis Tasset
Golden Moon Greaves
Fort Talisman (Attack +7)
Activated Skills:
Attack Up (L)
Divine Protection
Good Luck