Saturday, July 31, 2010


Is this the sign of old age? I'm not easily impressed with anything anymore. Whatever movie soundtracks out there today aren't exciting enough, no good new music (bands etc.), movies sucks overall, no more wow when i see comics and paintings by artists today, and I think art is dead, list goes on.

Not that I make the best art or record the best music. Hell, I'm still struggling to be half decent an artist and I don't even direct films. But man this feeling sucks ass.

The line in Dogma comes to mind: "When you're a child, the glass is small, so it gets filled up easily. As you get older, the glass gets bigger, it takes more to fill it."


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Intipati Pg. 8 (W.I.P)

Ever since the Storm Lion shut down stunt, I've been sending out my portfolio to almost everywhere - no replies from anyone yet. I guess they're all busy with Comic Con. In the mean time I'm gonna continue my Intipati project - I hope I can finish it before December.

I'm planning to self-publish this as a one-shot book, to get an ISBN and to make it available for online purchase. Also will hopefully be able to launch it at Comic Fiesta 2010. Fingers crossed.

I understand that self-publishing will be expensive and the price will be a bit higher than normal comics out there since it will be a print on demand thing, but even if I only have 5 people buying it I'm happy.