Monday, March 7, 2011

No Free Drawing

I've been drawing people during my lunch breaks at the restaurant I frequent as of late. Some of you may already know that I also participate in the O.I.C Portrait Day at the Red Dot Design Museum every once a month. Sitters will get to choose whichever drawings they like and pay for the ones they take home with.

So one day I decided to just give the drawing to the subject - for FREE! The result? Not only didn't I receive a thank you, I was given the look like I wanted to sell insurance.

The following week (today), I encountered the same group at the same restaurant. Guess what, they crept out as I was ordering my lunch. As soon as I was done with my meal, I noticed them checking out if the coast was clear as if I was a stalker!

Maybe people have completely embraced that nothing in life is free, but man..
Maybe I SHOULD have walked up to them and ask if they wanted to buy the drawing instead, huh? So, verdict: Free Drawing FAIL.