Tuesday, July 28, 2009


In other news, Radical sues Radical! *gasp*
To Quote Heidi MacDonald:

THR has a copy of the complaint, and the most interesting thing is this:

“Blatant’s management failed to have any of its employees sign work-for-hire agreements and/or assignments of copyrights, thereby clouding title to all of Blatant’s projects, and making it impossible for Blatant to provide proper chain of title documents and guarantees to investors, production companies, studios, and insurers, to the detriment of its shareholders.”

Mmm hmm.. we were there. The news is so proliferated. Read all about it here:

- The Beat
- THR, Esq.
- Blog@Newsarama (with City of Dust cover, whoo hoo!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm selling these two test prints for SGD 100 each. No duplicates. Contact me here or email me at mohammadyazid@gmail.com if anyone is interested. Thanks!

Test Print #1
200cm x 100cm
PVC Banner Solvent

Test Print #2
200cm x 100cm
PVC Banner Solvent


Sunday, July 19, 2009

80s graphic yet again

Working on a Saturday night while listening to high school playlist. Man, the 90s brought me back to the bittersweet memories with friends who came and went. Homeworks and exams, exams. Oh the horror.

Shit it's already Sunday 3:24 AM?!

Oh and before I sleep (it's 3:45 AM), I just made my very own South Park avatar now that I have officially watched all 13 seasons of it kekekekeke. Urgh.. stomach.. growling.. witching... hour...

You can watch them episodes online and create your own avatar at southparkstudios.com

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jet Set

Haven't slept for 3 days.


6 - 10PM Gave a presentation / talk at Marina Towers Singapore
11 - 2AM Attended farewell party of ex-colleague, stayed up 'till morning

6AM Flight to KL for urgent family reunion
7AM - 8PM In KL, eat eat eat
10PM Flight back to Singapore

12:45AM Here I am updating this shit and haven't slept. I'm so high I don't know what's going on!