Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bird shit in the morning

On the pedestrian crossing

... A bird shit on my hand. What a way to start the day!

Worst part was waiting for the red light to turn green! So you can feel the warm crap melt and ooze down to your palm. Yes it was warm.


Eisu said...

Well, that's crappy! Ha ha ha ha... huhhh... *ahem* sorry, but that is a crappy thing to happen though... still, at least they didn't go on your clothes and stain it

fairul nizam said...


Go and buy 4 digits. They said when a bird shit on you, you ada onglah. Hehe.

FaizalMukhtar said...


gayour said...

HAR FRAGIN HAR! bukan semua orang bleh merasai kehangatan taik burung gagak tu... err... burung gagak aa. beso sket taiknye dan tahan lame kehangatannye. congratulation dud!


clare said...

eeeurgh! u poor thing u. at least it didn't land in your hair. i was in san fran when some stupid seagull from hell took aim and shat on my hair and i freaked like lucifer's bitch would. took ages to wash off properly.

azhar said...


aku pun pernah kena..

a few years back...tak ingat..

good charm tuh...good sign kut..