Sunday, July 29, 2007


I tried and tried. I can't draw anymore. It used to be my escape. Now it's making me feel trapped. I've been staring at the same blank canvas for weeks. The drive to draw has simply gone. Composing image has become a phobia. Finishing up a line art starts to test my patience. I've lost my thunder.

Today, I forced myself to brave against it. To start drawing again. And I came up with a shitty piece:

A warrior blindfolded and his sword broken. I feel empty looking at it. I hope this is only a phase. Else I'd rather chop my drawing hand off than to live with this self doubt.


FaizalMukhtar said...

if this is ONLY a phase... than phase out! QUICK!

azhar said...

ini tok guru kata shitty phase..

mannn for my level..this is already a superb piece of art

sifu..take me as ur apperantice

yazid said...

ambik rehat sket wei, jangan la desak sgt. ambik angin relax sket2. mai aku tiup semangt sket. fuuh fuuh~

kromosom said...

ohohoho...sekarang ni musim breakdown ke...deng...tereltakpe

Muid Latif said...

i totally like this one.. sou-nyce!