Monday, June 23, 2008

I don't update anymore :(

Tight schedule has taken over my life ever since I moved to Singapore. It's all work. I wake up to work, I sleep dreaming of work. Sometimes even my nightmares are work related!

Such as the case, I only manage to take these shots from my drawing block today. Thanks to Chester for lending his digicam. (Else I'd have to settle with my obsolete camera phone, which sucks chou ginga balls!)

These figure drawings were done some time last year. More drawings at my website.


Sup said...

Perghhhh... nih dah critical, hang kena kawin nih.. :P

azhar said...

superb figure drawing..

tak tau nak cakap apa dohh..

post more

Anonymous said...

Is that Chester nude?!

Zid said...