Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Karas Overture Pt. II

The fully printed booklet together with the LightScribed DVD (thanks to Jennyson)

The people who contributed to the booklet are (in order of appearance):
DCWJ, Buddy Jiang, Kai Lim, Fred, Jennyson, Chris, Yasmine Putri and myself.

The final product looks stellar! I'm proud of everyone who helped making this tribute project happen. We've sent the package to Tatsunoko today and hopefully they'll like it!

Karas is immortalized.

Karas © Tatsunoko Productions


faizalmukhtar said...

apalagi perkataan lagi unggul dari SYABAS??!

dewi said...


rahmanraof said...

zid ko kat spore ke? ko ni makin lama makin power la

Emerson said...

the cd looks awesome man! and the illustration! gwah. how i'd love to get my hands on it.