Saturday, February 14, 2009

Of Music and Mayhem

So I signed up for Purevolume, because Myspace Music doesn't allow free downloads even when it says it does. Also, I'm only allowed to upload a total of 6 songs. Purevolume even lets me have multiple albums sorted with over 10 songs (and counting). Ergo, the move. There are some new songs up.

Oh yeah, I did a cover of the Korean girl group Wonder Girls, from their singles Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody, into a funny medley. Check it out bitches, I RAPPED in Korean. Yes. First time and the last.

Anyway I have no idea why I still update this shit. Have a great weekend!

Photo taken by Ling Yan, my project managurrr


hyex said...

zid leh nyanyi lam korea rpe nye... whoa... bez2...!!! nice guitar btw....

faizalmukhtar said...


So Hot.

Umpama bersama bidadari kayangan. *^%$!

:: SIMPLY MAS :: said...

seriously ur WG medley, NOT FUNNY.
But brilliant! I pimped it around laik mad.