Friday, April 24, 2009

Pekomikon 2009

I will be attending as a panel in Pekomikon 2009 at PWTC KL this Saturday, April 25th (tomorrow) and will be giving a talk on my experience working outside Malaysia, and how I springboard my career in comics internationally.

I'm bringing some work in progress stuff and behind the scene materials exclusively for the presentation. My session starts at 11:30 AM to noon.

Hope to see you there.


plue said...

I wish i could go and see the great zid giving talk. all the best bro :)

plue said...

gooodluck karas!

azhar said...

thank you zid for coming to peKOMIK convention.

we at peKOMIK really appreciate you come all the way from Singapore to KL for the event and back to Singapore..

i dunno how to repay your kindness