Sunday, July 19, 2009

80s graphic yet again

Working on a Saturday night while listening to high school playlist. Man, the 90s brought me back to the bittersweet memories with friends who came and went. Homeworks and exams, exams. Oh the horror.

Shit it's already Sunday 3:24 AM?!

Oh and before I sleep (it's 3:45 AM), I just made my very own South Park avatar now that I have officially watched all 13 seasons of it kekekekeke. Urgh.. stomach.. growling.. witching... hour...

You can watch them episodes online and create your own avatar at


azhar said...

wahhh thanks for the link..

wanna watch it from the first episod..

ajinda said...

pergh. 3 hari aku x online.
bila aku on9 hari ni, dapat cuci mata dengan artwork terbaru ko. perghhhhh

Terima Kasih Zid :D

Zid said...

Haaa tgk tgk jgn x tgk! Aku suka gila stail lawak diorg. Pastu tgk Family Guy plak :D

Blah la buat lawak HB3 plak dia niiii