Monday, March 22, 2010

Final Fantasy Battles
(Work in progress)

EDIT: Music is complete, redirected here.

It's been years since I last made Final Fantasy IX Battle 1 using my acoustic guitar and a cellphone. Now I'm hell bent on making my own cover of Final Fantasy Battles from FF I to FF X. (Above embedded mp3 is Battle Scene from FFI)

Not really crazy about the battle music after 10 since Nobuo Uematsu left. Also, I wish my guitar playing is better so that I don't need to cover up my basic shred with background leads/harmonies ;_;

Stay in tune cos this is going to be a LONG month for me recording every weekend.


Em said...


Lubby said...

I love all ur artworks. event downloading ur song !! :)

Mostly known as Aban said...

apekah~~ brapa % punye progress ni?

Skull Leader said...

Whoa.... Damn nice! By the way your profile pic looks like Hunter D leh! :D

Zid said...

Em: Thanks!

Lubby: Wah lama tak dengar khabar. Ingatkan dah tak baca blog ni.

Aban: 1% kot? Sbb masih FF1.

Skull Leader: Hahahaha thanks dude. The profile pic was a long time ago when I had long hair. Now it's all shorrttttt >_<