Sunday, June 20, 2010

Final Fantasy Battle Overture

Direct link to mp3: Battle Overture I (Final Fantasy I Battle Medley) (7:15)

The day I have been waiting for so long has come - I am no longer held back or limited by technology and resources. As a kid I've always wanted to pay tribute to music behind the video games I loved so much. One of which is Final Fantasy. Nobuo Uematsu's music played a pivotal part in bringing the world alive.

Final Fantasy Battle Overture is my pet project, a labour of love I am committing myself to until the end of the year perhaps, where I will be recording my own rendition of all Final Fantasy battle music in the form of a medley.

Launching first is the battle tracks from FF I. The tracks are:
- Battle Scene (default battle)
- Inside a Boss Battle (mid boss)
- Boss Battle (A+B variation)
- Last Battle (with Chaos)

The only original track from FF I for the NES is Battle Scene (the only battle music when it first came out). The rest are taken from the FF I Anniversary re-release for the PSP.

I'm not wasting anymore time to begin arranging the beats for FF II. I honestly can't wait for FF IV (my favourite FF of all time). Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it :)

UPDATE: It's live on Youtube!


Andre said...

Holy crap man! That was amazing, I can't wait for the next one.

Zid said...

Thanks, Andre! :D I'm gonna try to step out of my comfort zone a bit for FF2. Will take a while but at least i'll be proud of it when it's done.

Aidil said...

omg thats really good...

p/s:can i have the letter to the devil/cry lyrics...

Zid said...


Letter To The Devil

Define the grand design of this divine desire
You'll find the answers for my devotion

Divulge this emotion you know I've had my time to reason
Did our souls cross the right place but at the wrong time?

I'll wait for you
Eventhough it takes a lifetime

But I'm only human
I won't know if this will transcend...

Deny those whispers that fill up your heart with darkness
Your faith will find the answers to your creation

Decide your destiny you know you've had your turns with doubts
Did you stumble upon crossroads or roundabouts?

Should I wait for you?
'Cause it will take a lifetime

And I'm only human
It takes more that this to transcend...

*Don't you cry tonight
And you cried tonight

Cry... Cry

*(Cover of Big Life's "Cry" from Street Fighter II The Animated Movie)

Aidil said... its cover...
sorry...i really dont know...
but your version is the best

Zid said...

No, the music is originally composed and written by me. The cover is only for the chorus taken from Big Life's Cry. Hence the title Letter to the Devil / Cry :)

Aidil said...

i got it now
i listened the big life-cry on youtube...
so its in japanese

anyway keep up the good job...
love your music...
game over is my favourite