Saturday, July 31, 2010


Is this the sign of old age? I'm not easily impressed with anything anymore. Whatever movie soundtracks out there today aren't exciting enough, no good new music (bands etc.), movies sucks overall, no more wow when i see comics and paintings by artists today, and I think art is dead, list goes on.

Not that I make the best art or record the best music. Hell, I'm still struggling to be half decent an artist and I don't even direct films. But man this feeling sucks ass.

The line in Dogma comes to mind: "When you're a child, the glass is small, so it gets filled up easily. As you get older, the glass gets bigger, it takes more to fill it."



Aidil said...

i feel this too after i just got what i want....

Yxji said...

the world itself is deteriorating.

farmifahmi said...

mid life crisis ?


Salam. I just made an article about you. Feel free to stop by.. thanx.. hihi

Zid said...

Aidil: Just got to keep on keeping on..

Yaji: Amen, banyakkan beramal!

Farmi: Past quarter life kot?

Amin: Thank you very much for the article. I should feel more humble by this flattery. I am glad I have inspired you in some way. Perhaps with more people like you our digital art industry in Malaysia will not be as dull :)