Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've moved my music from Purevolume to Bandcamp. No more issues with player not loading this time, hopefully. And they support free downloads! Now I can even include lyrics for each song.

I integrated the look to match my website (linked under 'music' from the navigation bar) but you can also view it on its own too, at


amir norman nerd said...

hey ever since my friend introduced me to your music i got hooked :D and the paintings you made were breathtaking, i hope to be as good as you before i reach the age of 23, cheers!

Zid said...

Hi Amir, thank you for listening to my music. Do you play any instrument? You have a long way to go and I'm sure you can do better. Age is not a factor!

amir norman nerd said...

nah sadly no, i dont play any instrumens. the only thing i can do is draw, and my works look like they came from an amateur eventhough i've been drawing since i was 3. i cannot work with colors and shading, therefore i can't really draw planets and landscapes besides solid things with one color like buildings or robots. thanks but i dont think my art will get recognized because i don't really have a certain trademark style thing in my pencil strokes lol. i can only work with pencil. i like the fact that you can sketch with a brush