Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Journey Of A Fanboy

Decades ago, I would save every day from school - particularly lunch money - just to collect The Devil's Reign crossovers and Weapon Zero series. I was such a fan boy spending all my dough on Top Cow titles.

Today, I received a cheque for a new 5-issue mini series project I'm working on (I won't disclose it just yet) from the same company.

Call it as a return of investment, but it's one of those childhood dreams that came true :)


ajinda said...

now its my time to save lunch money for the new 5-issue mini series project that you're working on. :D
argh cant waittttt !!!

D said...

I believe this is the proper time to say: TRAKTIRRRRRRRRRR!!

anyways, congratulations catto!

Adijin said...

Syabas, Zid! Tak sabar nak sambar komik ni nanti!

Lubby said...

you make everything look easy while im struggling working on everything from multimedia, graphic, 3d, etc envy u -.- hahaha

Zid said...


It's a really tough road. I'm still struggling, working on my own. Hang in there, at least you have a stable job!

Lubby said...

i am not working zid, im a multimedia student. lots of pressure cuz on september im going for internship -.-''

Zid said...


Being a student is the best thing ever. When you're done, kena bayar loan, bayar bill, bayat sewa, haha. Teruskan belajar!

ojamoja said...

zid kenal lubby?


jid belanja pls.

Mohd. Fahmy b. Mohd Hashim said...

yeah.. i second ajinda's statement. it's time for me to save some dough, just to grab that 5mini series from u bro... aku mmg dari dulu kalau dgr komik ko ada kt luar, aku akan cari. Idola ni! maybe satu hari investment aku dgn komik akan terbayar mcm ko gak... huhuhu... zombies, vampires and iDW. huhuhu.