Monday, May 9, 2011

Pictures from IDOLISM opening @ A Curious Teepee

I am 4 days late to update on the event! Ah well, such a life of a busy man :P

Of course, I'm only uploading pictures of ME here. You can view the rest on
IDOLISM : OIC SINGAPORE X A CURIOUS TEEPEE Facebook album by Twisstii ;)


karabelle said...

hi! i love your work and i was wondering if i can use one of them as a background for my blog:

i really love Supergirl and your art was so awesome! if u have tumblr, pls message me, if u have twitter, mine's: karabella8

i don't really check my blogger site a lot, so pls get back to me through either of those sites. thanks!

Zid said...

Thanks, Kara was the only fun character in Smallville IMHO :/ Clark just needs a real slap in the face.

Replied to you via Twitter :)