Monday, October 8, 2007


Over the years my fandom towards the Superman mythology has grown tremendously, thanks to serialized television shows such as Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and recently, Smallville.

Back in 2003, Season 1 was so fun to watch I drew Clark Kent and Lex Luthor for my very own Smallville music compilation CD. Forgive the bad art.

The continuation was okay... until 3 and 4 went downhill. I gave up watching for a while until season 6 came, sat for a whoppin' marathon towards finale. Boy oh boy after 4 years of 'some-good-and-some-really-shitty-episodes' the show is starting to become interesting again!

When Kara appeared I got so excited I didn't think of what to draw and how to compose. I just let loose and wing it:

Kara Zor-El, 2007

P.S. Bryan Singer's Superman Returns is in a league of its own - a personal all time favourite.


FaizalMukhtar said...

One of my rare colleagues which captivate the whole Kryptonian mythologia with great intensive enthuasism.

I agree all above the rest!

Mr.B said...

zid, u gonna be a rock star. Serious bro, ur style very distinctive.

azhar said...

talking about superman..

i'm not a big fan of Superman comics..

but i do love the superman cartoon by flesicher & bruce timmm...

superman movie really awe me...christopher reeeve is Clark kent/ Superman..he makes us believe man can fly ( gotta by the DVD)..

follow a bit of superman comic during John Byrne days,,( a couple of issue only)...

superman doomsday...shock me a while...then...superman just went cool..

until zid share with me smallville..season 1...after zid leave me(hehehe..go our separate ways...working & stuff)..

superman gone cold again..until Grant morrison & Frank Quitelay come out with All Star Superman..

and season 6 smallville hook me because of the expanding DC universe....hehee..

hope can sit dwn wth master zid and talk about samllville craze..eventhou i'm hook more on heroes