Sunday, March 15, 2009

Intipati: Page 5 + Black Light Fan Art

It's nice to be able to end the weekend night with a completion of a page. I foresee myself taking my own sweet time on this project.. Or it will most probably take life into its own into a long, dwindled narrative.

After seeing the pages so far, I wish I was endowed with the eloquence of language to be able to pair the art with interesting - if not pretentious - poetry captions. Maybe when it's all done I'll see what I can think of. A collaboration, perhaps.

On a side note, today I received a Black Light fan art from Plue:

It feels strange to see yourself painted as the character in your own comic :P You can check out Black Light on Myspace for more fan art submission.


plue said...

Artsie pant

Anonymous said...

haha muka serupa plak tu. tererr benor!

nab (tak igt id sendiri ahhaa)

Lubby said...

adore ur artwork.
keep on doing it.

roshfaizal said...

oh.. sgt chargas skrg!

ajinda said...

Tapi seriously, first time aku baca Ultra Jiddo, memang aku fikirkan Noa itu adalah ko~ :) betul ni~ tak tipu pun.

Zid said...


Nab: Ha'ah memang tapi segan gila bila tgk muke sdiri kena lukis jadi watak sendiri.

Lubby: Thank you so very much! Do stay tune for more stuff in the future :D

Rosh: Terpaksa la kot..

Ajinda: BELAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

plue said...

ajinda : BEtull brruuder, gw pikir juga tu.

Zid : 100bucks!