Wednesday, March 18, 2009

KL Design Week 2009

28th March - 4th April 2009
10am - 10pm
Free admission

More info:

I will be exhibiting my recent digital works at KL Design Week 2009 together with fellow Digital Malaya Project artists, especially Muid Latif - the backbone of DMP.

I had to re-layout Demi Kala and two Intipati pages to make them fit the landscape format required for the show. I quite like the revisit, particularly Demi Kala:

Demi Kala

Intipati (Pages 3, 5)

We are very fortunate to have Canon sponsoring us for the prints. Thank you Canon!

See you guys on the opening day :D


plue said...

ALL the best!

Jiwo said...

anda. best. T_T

arceelina said...

Tondemo nai desu...
'Canon Delighting You Alwis'

Em said...

Congrats on the show dude! Wish I was back in KL now to meet you in person.

Lubby said...

hahaha...good luck with ur project!!!
eyheyh...btw aaa..what do u mean like stok lookbook eyh??

Lubby said...

thx for da compliment eyh.
hehehe :)
that one..tatau plak malaysia ade.
haha..jakun sekejap!
duh...geram lah tgk pic lawa2.grrrr :)

Zid said...

Thanks guys!

Fared Raihan Ahmad said...

masih keep up dengan hikayat Merong Mahawangsa lagi?
well, looks better than previous...

FARED fine art