Friday, January 1, 2010

New Music: "Letter To The Devil / Cry"

I have finally finished recording and mixing the track with my new Flying-V :D It's a slow number though, very 80s too.

It's an original composition but just to add trivia to the material, the chorus is a cover of Big Life's "Cry" from Street Fighter II The Animated Movie - which is also inspired by Whitesnake's "Sailing Ships".

Letter To The Devil (5:50)

Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Mostly known as Aban said...

As you told me.. "blues utk engkau.."

nabirakashogi said...

Memang macam 80s lagu tu! Haha awesome work :D


Zid said...

Aban: Hahah at least lagu tu bole melayan ko tahan dgn client sakit jiwa.

Nab: Wahhh terima kasih krn sudi mendengar stesen 80an hiburan untuk anda!