Saturday, January 9, 2010


I really don't do this to my blog/journal but this brings pain to my heart:

4 Malaysian churches attacked in "Allah" dispute"

I'm a Muslim and basically a loner in a foreign country. I'm also not in Malaysia and I haven't been following the current events, as if that's an excuse. I do not know if it was an inside job to instill hate towards Islam or if it was really committed by my fellow brothers. If it was, then they are obviously not doing what is being taught by the Holy book.

It is said here that the dispute escalated because the use of the Arabic term "Allah" in Herald, the Roman Catholic literature in it's Malay-language edition (which, the local Muslims believe that it may confuse Muslims and tempt them to convert to Christianity)

This is downright silly :( "Allah" is NOT exclusive to only Muslims. He is the one God that created all of us, if you need to be reminded. I don't see why this is a problem.

Islam is NOT in any way in threat! Brothers, this is not like a turf war. It's about faith and submission. First it was the Cow's head parade and now bombing churces? I might have missed a translation somewhere that promotes us to cause damage and inflict harm upon others.

For the life of me I still don't see the point of all this. In Indonesia, they have religious studies and they use "Allah" for God for all religion, not only for Islam. Hebrew spells Him as "Elohim" in the Torah! The singular "Eloah" is used in late Biblical Hebrew, in imitation of Aramaic usage. And this goes way back before Jesus and Muhammad. In Malay we call Him "Tuhan". In English we call him "God".


So.. we are squabbling and killing each other for the same Big Guy? Please, brothers. Have more faith in our religion. Have patience for the sake of Islam.

Instead of displaying how scary we are, let us check upon ourselves if we perform our daily prayers 5 times a day without fail. Please, stop bringing shame to Islam.

Their use of the term Allah for whatever their cause is do not put Islam in jeopardy. The bombings and massive killings are.

Further Reading: Allah was originally a Pagan God


art:tech said...

aku suka ni.

nabirakashogi said...

It's really sad to see Malaysia becoming like this :(

Gavin said...

well written and well said. i've been thinking a lot about this lately as well, not this incident per se...but killing and hurting on behalf of religion. it's sad but strange how no one seems to have disputes about who the devil is, how to spell his name and which religion he belongs too. it's all the people who follow any faith about peace who seem to "sharing" their opinions badly.

Anonymous said...

“...Demi sesungguhnya, kamu telah melakukan satu perkara yang besar salahnya! Langit nyaris-nyaris pecah disebabkan yang demikian dan bumi pula nyaris-nyaris terbelah, serta gunung-ganang pun nyaris-nyaris runtuh ranap kerana mereka mendakwa mengatakan: (Allah) Ar-Rahman mempunyai anak..." Surah Maryam : ayat 88-91

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Blurr? said...

huhu alhamdulillah.. this is my 1st time bile tgk yazid soal psal agama huhu. So ape2pn inilh peluang bgi kita umat islam untuk melaksanakn tanggungjwb sbgai saorang daie ..

Anonymous said...

Good post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

Anonymous said...

Well I assent to but I think the post should have more info then it has.

Skull Leader said...

totally. I am Catholic and I have many muslim friends whom we talk and discuss our similarities and difference amicably. Religion is NOT a gang war! Its about peace, love and tolerance. I hate it when ppl start abusing it and use religion as an excuse to do evil. Nice post here brother. :)