Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009 Day 1

Very tiring but also very rewarding.
Lots of fun, lots of new cosplayers, and especially new crowd - it gets bigger and bigger every year! Can't believe it's almost a decade of Comic Fiesta. Has it really been that long?!

Daft Punk!

I had in mind not to accept drawing requests this year because I really just wanted to chill and enjoy the event. Fat chance. So instead I started drawing to Amei (AMAZING artist, by the way. She's not even doing it professionally. Taking PhD in Australia even!) as a favour. Once they see you take that brush out it's like every other year again hahah.

The sketch for Amei that started it all (image stolen from her LJ. Thanks, Amei!

Fake smile with Amei after flipping through her crazy sketchbook boo hoo hoo

The requests continue:

My first Monster Hunter fanart, and it had to be a Kirin armour. Weird anatomy, but hey it's a quick live sketch for an excuse

Satisfied Cobra "Royce" Commander. Thanks for the support, dude!

For Hooooon

WITH Hooooon

Another Monster Hunter entry, FATALIS ARMOUR! This one goes to Michi

Be back tomorrow!


Skull Leader said...

mad skills man. Cheers! :)

Zid said...

Hey man, thanks! I found your blog from monster hunter google search and saw your Teostra drawings :D

We should hunt someday!