Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Things to look forward to this December

See you guys at Comic Fiesta 2009!


Tham Hoi Mun said...

F**KIN AWESUM ah... cool heh? YO grab me a copy of this man. Im serious! Bukan buat lawak tau.

Em said...

really liking the guy on the right, and the orange background!

Dhameer said...

Awesome man!! i just saw your interview on the tv btw, congratulations on the award! :)

Anonymous said...

All not so is simple

Zid said...

Hoi Mun: Yelah tuuu Mr. Amazing Concept Artist Brownie Man!

Em: LOL the orange bg is temporary though! Hard to kick old acrylic habit of using vermilion prime base hehe.

Dhameer: Oh my God I hope I didn't look silly in the interview, man!

Anonymous: Indeed it isn't

Dhameer said...

Kacak gile la beb...jealous gile babi sial...hahaha!!! xD

azhar said...

i just cant wait..

reserve one copy for me..
i might be coming late on 20th dec..

coz my sister wedding on 19-20 dec..

serius ni..reserve satu copy utk aku..