Monday, April 23, 2007


Unused artwork for Dark Hunger

"Carpathians are immortal blood-drinkers who become evil vampires, without emotion or morals, unless they find their female lifemates. They are all dangerous hunters and warriors with a rigid sense of honor and deep family connections. Becoming a vampire is the worst thing that could possibly happen to them, as it is their utter antithesis. Because of this, they worship and adore their women with an unbreakable bond of trust, devotion, and desire."

Hah! How about that? Hell I'd be a vampire by now.

Working late nights again. What's all this about? I'll update when I'm more sober. Haven't painted for so long...


Julia said...

o snaps i JUST got the "dizaya da mmahom" that's kinda cute ziddo :D

Laine said...

most anatomically correct shoujo manga evar

Zid said...

jules: Hehehe shit like that makes artists want to become writers!

laine: Too bad towards the end it gets bad out of frustration :P