Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Mid Hazy Mad Om

Spaceboy Topman

I woke up today and thought of uniforming my website, myspace music and my friendster account into one standard design. Sort of like a branding (?)

But then reality kicks in - I'm too busy with a long term project I'm assigned to clear by the end of this month. Then, out of the blue I scribbled my full name backwards. It sounded like 'desire the mayhem'. I thought it was cool I quickly registered the name for this blog.

I guess it can be the other side of my official website, (like how Paul Pope has his Pulp Hope blog).

Oh by the way, the title for this post is an anagram of my full name. Thought that'd be interesting to share :P

Sketch for Spaceboy Topman


jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

wOw WeE.. cOoL baCkgRouNd..

Julia said...

o ziddo so wai T^Tb

gayour said...

retro sungguh karakter ni. tapi apasal pipi beliau merah menyala? tahniah kerana menggunakan tulisan jawi!

Zid said...

Waaah Gayour makasih bangat sudi mampir siniii.. Ya pipinya sedikit merah barangkali malu gambarnya diambil. Iya tulisan jawi tu gwe butuh kekalin!

Anonymous said...

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