Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I've got an F and a C, and I've got a K too. The only thing that's missing is a *beep* like U

Detail from Ultra Jiddo: Black Light in YonGumix #1 (Recoloured)

As a teenager I grew up obsessed with depression, often having suicidal thoughts. In high school I was perpetually brooding, feeling melancholy by choice. Marilyn Manson was the soundtrack of my life. I thought it was "cool" listening to the Antichrist Superstar.

However, I became my own antithesis in university. Love. Ah.. bright young things. Graduated, and now working my dream job - I'm a fucking carnival. But after all these years I finally heard the ultimatum: "Je ne vous aime plus".

What seemed "cool" then is now the only state I am able to be in. Only this time it's not a choice. And it is so not cool! Marilyn Manson, welcome back.

Original scan


Julia said...

the lichtenstein recoloring is hots ;D;b

fairul nizam said...

Hey dude.

How are you doing man? I'm no longer using messenger and found out about your new blog from sandmanreborn.

Mail me if you're back in KL. Maybe we can meet up for coffee. Ajak Eisu sekali.


Zid said...

Jules: I'm found out! :3

Roy: Hey man. I'm keeping on keeping on. We'll definitely meet up when I'm back. It's been long overdue bro.

Laine said...

lol marilyn manson is like HAY THAR WAT SUP

afterwork8 said...

elo bro..amacam suasana seberang..

Bersama semai seni sampai jadi sekarya taman, senang besok anak-anak kita berlari memijak rumput disana.

Mirra said...

Well said.