Monday, April 30, 2007


Sony Malaysia held this MyFirstVAIO contest whereby you design your own skin for the new Sony Vaio, and the winner will get a Vaio C series, with the winning design la.

Now I'm not really a contest person. I hate competitions. I never enter them. My friends know that. But goddamn I'm desperate for a new laptop! I can shower, do my laundry and boil water while waiting a message window to pop up load with the one I'm currently using. It's so obsolete that I am breaking my Hobbit tradition and join a friggin' competition for the first time.

But therein lies another problem - I am so caught up with work I barely have time to whip out new designs for this shit! So I figured what the heck. I scoured my folders for old drawings, paintings and just whacked Photoshop like how Ike beat Tina.

So um yeah whatever.

Vaio Artist

Vaio Wayang Kulit

Vaio Pop

Still in topic, Jezmine, my uni junior has been chosen for Project Runaway Malaysia. Congratulations! Way to go, girl. Check out her très cool blog for some fashion sense!


thesandman said...

menang la ni,kawan.



Zid said...

Eyyy don't say that... Kalau tak menang meranaaaa. Aku nak laptop free T_T

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

hOpe u wiN... caNtiK baNgaT..
tHxs fOr thaT biT about me...

Zid said...

Jezmine: Hehe thanks for the wish. No problem dudette, good things must share!